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sabato 28 settembre 2013

Sherman base finished

Ecco completata la basetta su cui posizionerò lo Sherman M4A1 76mm.Per simulare l'erba oltre a quella artificiale presente in commercio ho usato anche quelle piccole palle di alghe secche che si trovano spesso sulle spiagge (Egagropili).

Here is the completed base on which to place the Sherman M4A1 76mm.To simulate the grass in addition to that artificial present on the market I've also used those little balls of dried seaweed that are often found on beaches.

2 commenti:

  1. Hi Luigi

    You have a very nice terrain rendering. Congratulations.

    I look forward to see the above sherman.


    1. Thanks Laurent now I'm working on the weathering my Sherman and I hope to finish it within a reasonable time.
      Ciao Luigi